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All Work & No Date

Look, I know I have not posted anything in about 2 days.  I would really like for you to get to know me a little better and vise versa.

A little present insight – for the last 6 months I have been working 3 jobs and on average about 60 hours a week.  I -as working in sales full time at an IT Training company – Part time I was a drug counselor at an amazing company called – the other part time job I was doing errands and cleaning, a company I had started about a year ago.

Recently, I realized I was getting totally burnt out, and my passion is more for helping people, I had been trying to get into sales with Novus, since I had started which was almost a year ago.  I finally after much debate quit my It training sales job and suddenly was offered the position as admission’s counselor at Novus, Yay! 🙂

I realize this is not so some juicy dating or kissing story which I would love to be writing right now, but I tell you this so you understand that this weekend will be lonely and empty in that department.  What I have scheduled is working at Novus from 9am to 9pm Sat and then Sunday I have a cleaning job which is about 4 hours.  So this weekends kissing plans look sad.  But hey! you never know right ? LOL.

I do have some good news and progress on my things that need to get done to get my man however..but you will have to read the next post to see!

Kisses xoxo


Dating Sites 10:30pm

So much for being right back.  I went to two different dating sites. and The only one I would mention was the cute guy with tattoos not that I am into tattoos but I have grown fond of them if they guy is not covered int them.

Well while I am on one of the sites, about 3 other sites are advertising of course.  Which gets me thinking about a  friend of mine recently told me she met the love of her life on about 6 months ago and boy did she plug them.  I know they charge, I tend to go for the free sites LOL, well no wonder right?  So, that’s where I went.  Yep, joined Match, however I am still a freebie for now until I check it out a bit more 🙂

K…tired, hungry going to go sit down and watch a movie and eat my Corn Chowder soup from Campbells.


Alone 8:17pm

Well, Thanksgiving was nice, spent it with family like I am sure most of the planet did.

Well it’s Friday, not a man in sight. I sit here at my new laptop, listening to Alanis Morissette on (I have to say I love that site).  However no man to go out with  is my fault.  Funny here I plan on writing about mylife, dating  experiences and my hunt for my man..and I have not even gone on any dating site for what a week???!! Duh.  Well I guess I will just have to do that and get back to you.

Things that I must do to make this work:

1.  Loose 40lbs

2.  Quit Smoking

3.  Go out with AT LEAST one guy a week but it really should be three, the key words being AT LEAST. right back.

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