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Dating Sites 10:30pm

So much for being right back.  I went to two different dating sites. and The only one I would mention was the cute guy with tattoos not that I am into tattoos but I have grown fond of them if they guy is not covered int them.

Well while I am on one of the sites, about 3 other sites are advertising of course.  Which gets me thinking about a  friend of mine recently told me she met the love of her life on about 6 months ago and boy did she plug them.  I know they charge, I tend to go for the free sites LOL, well no wonder right?  So, that’s where I went.  Yep, joined Match, however I am still a freebie for now until I check it out a bit more 🙂

K…tired, hungry going to go sit down and watch a movie and eat my Corn Chowder soup from Campbells.


Alone 8:17pm

Well, Thanksgiving was nice, spent it with family like I am sure most of the planet did.

Well it’s Friday, not a man in sight. I sit here at my new laptop, listening to Alanis Morissette on (I have to say I love that site).  However no man to go out with  is my fault.  Funny here I plan on writing about mylife, dating  experiences and my hunt for my man..and I have not even gone on any dating site for what a week???!! Duh.  Well I guess I will just have to do that and get back to you.

Things that I must do to make this work:

1.  Loose 40lbs

2.  Quit Smoking

3.  Go out with AT LEAST one guy a week but it really should be three, the key words being AT LEAST. right back.

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