Interesting Thoughts

Sorry for the delay, but I have not had anything really kissing worthy to post, but my plan is to never go more than a day or so and not post.  You are welcome to yell at me if I slack 🙂

I use to have my own errand and cleaning company, I say this becuase I still clean here and there for some long term customers.  Today I was at a clients cleaning his house and funny, I really think he is a good guy.  He is just so comfortable to be around, I don’t think he has ever been married, he has a great job, for me there is just thing THING about him that makes me want to just go hug or cuddle with him..weird huh?  I will say he is overweight, and has some things he needs to work on (all though we all do).  Anyway, I almost asked him why he has been single so long or why he doesn’t date or something, but I chickened out.  I made a vow to never pursue a man beyond certain guidelines again (that will be another story on my pages).  So I did not.  But it was and Interesting thought I felt.

Then later this evening I am on my way to get some ice cream and I just pull on to the main street and I see a cop iin the other lane but paused behind me, meaning he could have pulled up some next to me but he did not.  My heart is racing and I am nervous.  Why?  Because a week ago I had gotten pulled over for not having a light on my plate in the back, and I totally forgot, and I knew he was eye balling it.  I am in the turn lane to go left and pull into the parking lot to go the little market there and sure enough as I am turning those lights go flashing.  I cringed.  And up to my window comes this beautiful man, dark hair, blue eyes, a smile that just lights up your world, I was suddenly jello, “Yes sir”, “Absolutely” “Oh I totally screwed up, yeah another guy pulled me over a week ago and gave me a warning”, “Please feel free to write me a ticket”.  Yes I actually said that.  I wanted to say, can I have your number and in about 2 months when I loose this fat, can I call you and we can go out? 🙂 LOL.  Anyway, he gave me a warning, he was very nice with his gorgeous smile, and I watched him walk away as I melted in my seat.

So this was my day pretty much. 

About to watch a movie then off to bed.  I hope you have an amazing week!  By the way, you can check out my other blog site at www.nutsformovies.wordpress.com

xoxox kisses


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